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'Every baby needs their own banner' says every parent, every grandparent, every auntie, friend, neighbor and village member

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One of my enormous joys has been the response I have received from parents who have been gifted these flags. Imagine that nursery with baby's name, words of aspiration or inspiration. The 100% gauzy cotton is individually mono-printed with the color of your choice and stitched in white cotton.  Let your imagination run wild

piph's affirmation banners


Hang your banner, your banners in a breezy spot and watch it gently sway and dance as it reminds you of your dreams your emotions, your needs or your loves.  

Buy one,  or be inspired by Nepalese prayer flags and string all the affirmations you love - they add a truly personal and unique piece to your beautiful space.  The affirmations are endless.








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