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The Erotic Stitcher's interpretation of a charming fairytale -
a tale of reprieve, longing, lust, love and delight. 

Cinderella ...
An {adapted} fairy tale 


You stay home Ugly Step Sisters 

Cinderella won the battle with her evil step-sisters and is off to the ball! looking perfectly gorgeous in that elegant gown adorned with tiny sperm and dreaming of meeting her

Prince Charming.


And oooh here he is.   

Prince Charming! 

Just as handsome as she had dreamed

"Cinderella!  All these years I have been

dreaming of you".

They danced.  They flirted. They smiled.

And delighted in their meeting. 


And then he whispered in her delicate ear....

'my carriage awaits'



They arrived at the castle and could wait no longer. They crossed the moat, drew up the castle door and loved. And loved some more.

And they ate oysters and lobster,

and drank pink champagne in fine crystal

laughing with delight at

those silly wicked step sisters.

The air was rich with the perfume of love

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